Your skin is the first thing people often notice about you. Helping to rejuvenate your skin can refresh your entire look. 
With a wide range of specialties, our team can help you look and feel your best. 

If you're unsure which facial you'd like, feel free to schedule a time to meet with us. We can discuss your skin care needs, and recommend a procedure that will most benefit your unique skin type and complexion goals.

Prescription Clinical Procedures
Galvanic deep cleansing with pineapple enzyme steam. Micro Peeling, detoxing/brightening mask, light therapy single or 3 treatments over 6 weeks. For excessively oily skin, adult acne, hypo-pigmentation $135-350

Breath of Fresh Air   

As we age, oxygen levels in our tissue declines. Oxygen facials help reduce thickening & scarring. Reduces fine lines around the eyes. (Program of 3 over 6 weeks with free mineral exfoliating cleanser.) $350/or $130 single session

24K Gold Rejuvenation  

Nourishing, intensive anti-wrinkle treatment to revive youthful vibrancy, visibly reduce fine lines, combat free radicals. Restores elasticity & suppleness. Alchimie Forever from Switzerland is rich in antioxidants. $85


Cool Lifting Cryo Concepts 

Red carpet look in 5 minutes. Phenomenal treatment can be administered as a stand along or combined with other treatments. Perfect for weddings, reunions & other special occasions.  Exceptional wrinkle reduction with no pain or downtime. (Buy 3, get one free for longer lasting results over a 6 week period) $175

Featured Facial Treatments 

Add Ons

Chest - Back - Hands 

  Deep cleanse for back acne: steaming, exfoliating, extractions, mineral detoxing, mask light therapy. $95

Dry, flaky, or rough skin: 

hydrating cream cleanse, sugar scrub, rich creams, essential oils, nourishing/hydrating mask massage.



Anti-aging decollate: gentle exfoliating cleanse, micro peel, shoulder/neck massage with peptide & antioxidant infusion & sunblock.



Anti-aging hand treatment: sugar scrub exfoliant, heated paraffin with essential oils (massaged in to brighten & hydrate) great for arthritis.


Detoxing lymph-drainage facial   

Great for dark circles under eyes. Mechanical lymph pumping drains unwanted toxins. Includes detoxing seaweed mask. $75

Fountain of Youth 5D Facial 

Removes dry, dead cells & brightens skin. Evens & smooths skin tone. Stimulates collagen, restores luminosity, diminishes dark spots - using luxurious creams, pomegranate enzyme brushing, raspberry peel, resurfacing, deep exfoliating, mint gommage neck massage, blueberry mask & sunblock. (program of 3 facials over 6 weeks 
-includes 4 home care products)  $125

Rosacea Treatment 

Calming lotions, botanical spray, cool towels,

cold rose quartz stone massage, green tea mask. $70

LIFT Treatment

Firming, Resurfacing & 



Teen/Adult Acne X 3 Treatments

Includes 2 BioN Products


Free consultations


Customized packages available!

Introductory MINI “pick U up” 30 minute


Galvanic Deep Pore Cleansing

Hypopigmentation/Oily Skin


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