Body Contouring & Wraps

Body Contouring

Bio Slimming Wrap

Firm, contour and diminish those unwanted fatty deposits. Reduce the appearance of cellulite and stretch marks!!

1 Wrap - $150

3 Wraps - $375 

6 Wraps - $700 

Home Kit -$165


Shark Treatment

Treatments deliver body contouring, cellulite & stretchmark reduction and tighten saggy skin!!

Partial Body Treatment:

1 Treatment - $175

4 Treatments - $575

8 Treatments - $1100

Full Body Treatments:

1 Treatment - $250

4 Treatments - $850

8 Treatments - $1500

Pressotherapy Massage

1 Treatment - $125

4 Treatments- $395

Can be combined with facial treatments and massages. Helps with; circulation & sagging, lymphatic drainage, poor circulation, muscles and joints, restless leg, fluid retention, general tiredness, plus additional issues.

Body Wraps

Body Polish

Gently pamper the skin into smooth harmony. This treatment will leave you soft and with a healthy glow.



Chocolate Fix

Four delicious scented oils for body treatments that blend perfectly with your choice of salts, scrubs and mud. Made with rich oils and vitamin E, they nourish and hydrate your skin and feed the senses.



Herbal/Calming Wrap

We begin with an invigorating body polish and then wrap you in a therapeutic cocoon of aromatic herbs. Our detoxifying blend combines ginger root, rosemary, allspice eucalyptus and clove to gently draw out impurities. 



Detoxifying Wrap

Therapy for healing and detoxifying skin. Rich emollients, minerals and vitamins to restore moisture.



Hydrating Paraffin

Warm paraffin provides heat therapy for many different applications, hands, feet, face and body. Very hydrating for even the driest of flakiest skin. Excellent for those with arthritis, psoriasis and eczema.




For an ultimate relaxation we add a light message with a blend of essential oils. Add rich body butter, then warmed European rose mud rich in anti-oxidants. And if that wasn’t enough, add a relaxing face and scalp massage.


Back Therapy

Sugar scrub, hydration mud, steam canopy,

30 min relaxing back massage.


Steam Canopy
w/ Essential Oils Aroma


**Please Note This Warning, as we care about your health: If you have certain medical conditions including heart disease, high blood pressure or diabetes, consult a physician before this or any other weight loss program, read the list of ingredients on the jar and/or test a small area of the skin to check for allergic reaction.